Handbook on photobiological calculations with R

R for Photobiology

Pedro J. Aphalo






photobiology, R, R packages

Book cover

Book cover

A handbook on how to do calculations used in photobiological research with R has been under preparation for a long time. An 80% complete version has been available through LeanPub for several years. The book describes the use of our suite of R packages and also of functions from base R and a few other packages available through CRAN. I (Pedro J. Aphalo) am the lead author, while Andreas Albert, T. Matthew Robson and Titta Kotilainen have contributed text and examples and feedback.

Although we haven’t had time to finish writing the book, I have been checking that the code examples work with current versions of R and packages. Rather recently I made small edits to a few code chunks that had stopped working and uploaded the new version of the PDF file to LeanPub.

Some time ago I tried to build all examples with R 4.2.0, a major update to R released some days ago. R 4.2.0 contains a bug, that unluckily prevents a couple of examples in the book from running under MS-Windows. Only version 4.2.0 is affected, earlier and later versions are not affected. In any case, this bug affects only a very specific use related to data acquisition.

The book is sold for the amount the buyer wishes to pay, including getting it for free.