ggpp 0.4.5

R Package Update

Pedro J. Aphalo






ggpp pkg

Version 0.4.5 includes fixes for compatibility with the upcoming updates in ‘ggplot2’ version 3.4.0, and adds enhancements to geom_text_s() and geom_label_s(). The most significative is the computation of the justification from the position displacement, which works with any of the position functions exported by ‘ggpp’. Another significant change is the implementation of padding.

Changes compared to version 0.4.4, the previous version in CRAN are:

Documentation web site at includes all help pages, with output from all examples, vignettes as well as a changelog in HTML format.

NOTE: Version 0.4.5 is on its way to CRAN.

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through GitHub at Pull requests are also welcome.