photobiology 0.10.12

R Package Update

Pedro J. Aphalo






photobiology pkg

This release corrects problems triggered by recent updates to packages ‘lubridate’ and possibly ‘tibble’ (reported by putmanlab in issue #7 ). It also adds some enhancements for class solute_spct, still under development.

BUG FIX: Conversions between Date and POSIXct objects are tricky because objects of the former class do not store information on the time zone. A change in ‘lubridate’ 1.8.0 made a previously working approach to these conversions silently fail to apply the shift to the hours.

If you use any of day_night(), sunrise_time(), noon_time() and sunset_time() either use ‘lubridate’ (< 1.8.0) or update a.s.a.p. to ‘photobiology’ (>= 0.10.12) from GitHub.

WARNING: In the current version of ‘photobiology’, if no time zone argument is passed concurrently with a date, the date is assumed to be in UTC. If this time zone does not match the location given by the geocode, the date used for the calculations can be wrong by one day.

Package ‘photobiology’ continues using UTC (universal time coordinates) as its default time zone. This differs from some functions in recent versions of package ‘lubridate’ that use the time zone reported by the OS, indicated by the character string "" as their default. Using "UTC" as default ensures that the code output using defaults will not depend on the OS’ time zone settings, making it reproducible across geographical locations.

Changes from version 0.10.11 the most recent CRAN release, are:

The package documentation web site at includes a changelog with information for each release since version 0.1.0.

NOTE: Version 0.10.12 is on its way to CRAN. [2022-08-05: submitted and accepted]

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through GitHub at