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Pedro J. Aphalo





I have moved this website from WordPress to Quarto. The address remains unchanged.

I have migrated only part of the content from the old site. In particular I have not migrated old package update announcements as they mostly repeated the contents of the NEWS files (log file) of the packages, which contain a summary of their whole development history.

I have converted some posts that I consider of long-term interest into pages. I have added a new section of galleries of code examples demonstrating the use of, at the moment, packages ‘ggpp’ and ‘ggpmisc’. The galleries have some new material together with examples copied or adapted from the packages’ documentation but organized in a way that should make them easier to serve as a reference or “cookbook” of recipes.

WordPress is a dynamic system implemented using a data base. Pages are built when served. This is useful when the contents are actually dynamic, but adds overhead when not needed, making the site slower and requiring computation that wastes energy. In addition the site when in WordPress required plugins which add a security risk as well as making more complicated GDR compliance. A totally static system just serves ready-made pages and does not need to collect information from users or the client software and/or hardware to work.

The Blog index page is no longer the Home page of the website. I have for the time being emphasized easy of maintenance and functionality over how the site looks. I am still learning the details about Quarto, and the site will evolve as I make progress. You will see changes, for example in the use of categories.