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I have moved the local CRAN-like repository to R-Universe. The address is replaced by

Installation using package ‘photobiology’ as example

Installation of the most recent stable version from CRAN:


Installation of the current pre-release version from R-Universe CRAN-like repository and dependencies from CRAN:

                 repos = c('', ''))

Adding the repository to those used by R by default

If you are using a recent version of R, the statements below can be added to the .Rprofile file for the repository to be always checked when installing or updating packages, or run before installing or updating the packages I maintain.

repos <- getOption("repos", default = list("CRAN" = ''))
repos[["r4photobiology"]] <- "'"
old.repos <- options(repos = repos)

In the second case, the previous setting can be restored if needed with the statement below once the packages have been installed.

options(repos = old.repos)