I have started using Mastodon…

…to announce new releases of my R packages

R packages

Pedro J. Aphalo






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Going forward I will announce updates to my R packages and related posts at my website through Mastodon “toots”. I will use tag #ggpmisc for announcements related to packages ‘ggpmisc’, ‘ggpp’ and ‘gginnards’ and I will use tag #r4photobiology for the R packages in the R for photobioloy suite of packages: ‘photobiology’, ‘photobiologyWavebands’, ‘ggspectra’, ‘photobiologyPlants’, ‘photobiologyFilters’. ‘photobioloyLamps’, ‘photobiologyLEDs’, ’PhotobiologySun ‘photobiologySensors’, ‘photobiologyInOut’, ‘ooacquire’ and ‘rOmniDriver’. I will use tag #learnrbook for announcements related to the book Learn R: As a Language and its accopanying R package ‘learnrbook’. I will also use tags #rstats, #ggplot2 and other relevant tags based on the subject. You can follow the tags you are interested in, or just follow my Mastodon profile using @aphalo.

In brief, Mastodon is a non-commercial and open system that aims to give users better control upon the contents they publish and view than Twitter providing a friendly, user-monitored and managed platform for short posts or “toots”.