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As part of moving the site to Quarto I intend to write a single post to give an overview of changes in minor versions of the packages. In this case, versions in the 0.4.x series, starting from version 0.4.25. I will update this same post in the case of minor version updates, and start a new post when the first version in the 0.5.x series is developed. I hope this will reduce the clutter and still provide a good overview of progress. Differences between versions are listed in detail in the NEWS file.

Overview of changes

Version 0.4.25 fixed a bug affecting data exchange with package ‘colorSpec’. Attempts to convert collections containing spectra with inconsistent wavelength vectors would fail when using mspct2colorSpec() or as.colorSpec.generic_mspct() (many thanks to Glenn Davis for his help!).

Version 0.4.26 fixed problems due to code-breaking changes in package ‘readr’. This version also adds function read_spectrapen_csv() for importing data from PSI’s SpectraPen spectrometers.

Version 0.4.27 gains functions spct2fdata(), mspct2fdata(), fdata2spct() and fdata2mspct() supporting export and import of fdata objects as defined in package ‘fda.usc’ facilitating the application of functional data analysis methods to spectral data stored in classes from package ‘photobiology’. Please, see the package documentation and a page of use examples.


Documentation web site includes all help pages, with output from all examples, vignettes in HTML format and a cheatsheet as a PDF file. Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through GitHub at Pull requests are also welcome.